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Ala Bel Mountain Pass

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

This very high pass (3,175 m) is on the mountainous road connecting Bishkek to Osh. It’s one of the most beautiful mountain passes in Kyrgyzstan and it’s easily accessed by car. What is great about Ala Bel is that it is located above two gorgeous valleys and the whole panorama there is truly a feast for the eyes. From one side of the pass you can admire Chichkan Valley and from the other side, you can see the Susamir Valley.

This place starts to look really incredible in winter. The whole area becomes buried under unbelievable amounts of snow and looks like a vast white desert. The road can be a bit dangerous if you drive there when there is a lot of snow, so drive with caution. In spring, the alpine meadows that are visible from the pass are blooming with more flowers that the mind can imagine and it’s likely you’ll see shepherds moving their animals across the pass in fall.

Getting to the Ala Bel pass by public transport from Bishkek can be done by taxi and Mashrutka. You can hop on a shared taxi or a Mashrutka in Bishkek at the Western bus station or at the bus stand south of the Osh Bazaar.

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