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Altyn Arashan

Karakol, Kyrgyzstan

Altyn Arashan, which means ”Golden Spa” in Kyrgyz, is a lush green valley near Karakol and Lake Ala Kul. The place is famous for its pristine untouched landscapes and natural hot springs. It’s also a very popular trekking destination and attracts hikers and mountain enthusiast from all over the world.

The environment is ideal for camping, horseback riding and hiking in nature. The area is a pristine nature reserve but the main attraction of the place are the natural hot springs that can be found there. The water is generally around 50 ºC and is known to help with diseases related to the nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems. It’s the ideal place for hikers to relax their muscles after long difficult walks in the mountains.

Locals often visit the hot springs to treat diseases and this is the case for the ones found in Altyn Arashan. They became so popular that a small resort consisting of small pools in private cabins have been built to accommodate the many visitors.

It’s possible to reach the Altyn Arashan valley and its famous hot springs from Ala Kul lake or from Teploklyuchenka (this town is also more commonly called Ak-Suu).

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