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Issuk-kul Lake

Issyk-kul Region, Kyrgyzstan


Issyk-Kul Тhе Pearl оf the Tien-Shan "As a gold dish inserted in sharp rocks lay a lake. From the Sounh this basin is locked bу а chain оf snowy glands. The Tien-Shan was like а steep wall. Far away in the SouthWest the snow summits are hidden beside the horizon and seemed to rise right from the blue waters of the lake. Eventually, the gold color turned tо dark red, becoming darker till it bесаmе completely dark" Р.Р. Semenov. Issyk-Kul means "hot lake" in Kyrgyz and it confirms this name bу not freezing in the winter. Only Lake Baikal is clearer than Issyk- Kul.

The average temperature of the IssykKul Lake is +17  +20 C in the summer time. A combination of extreme depth, thermal activity and mild salinity means the Lake ever freezes; its moderating effect on the climate, plus abundant rainfall, have made it something of an oasis down through the centuries.  There are a lot of  clubs and disco clubs in the resorts centres of Issyk-Kul Lake. After some hectic travel, these are ideal place to relax.

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