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Jeti- Oguz

Karakol, Kyrgyzstan

Jeti Oguz is the name of a valley but also of a stunning sandstone rock formation about 25 km southwest of Karakol. It’s a very calm place and it was a perfect getaway from Karakol. This sandstone crag used to resemble 7 bulls and that’s where its name comes from. It was a sacred place for the original inhabitants of the area and once you see it, you’ll totally understand why.

Jeti-Oguz is a very popular day trip from Karakol. People go there to see a few other rock formations apart from the seven bulls such as one called the broken heart which is the source of many tragic love stories. In summer, you’ll also come across plenty of beekeepers in the area who bring their beehives to the valley filled with flowers around the protruding rocks.

If you’re visiting this destination with your own car it’s fairly easy to visit all the main sights in one day. If you want to stay there a bit longer, the valley is the perfect destination for picnics, camping and sampling delicious honey.

If you are going to Jeti-Oguz with public transport, you’ll have to make sure you reach Jeti-Oguz Kurort, a small village beside the seven bulls and not the town of Jeti-Oguz, which is located 12km away from the stone formation. To get to Jeti-Oguz Kurort from Karakol, first go to the Ak-Tilek Market in Karakol. From there, you’ll need to catch mashrutka 355 to Jeti-Oguz Korort.

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