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Karakol, Kyrgyzstan



Quite peaceful town of Karakol will remain in your memory forever with the stunning views of snowcapped mountain ranges around and nicely laid green streets with cozy Russian-style houses. Located in the eastern tip of Issyk-Kul lake this town is the administrative center of the province.  It was founded as a Russian military post in 19th century after the explorers came to the region to map it. One of the famous explorers of that time Nikolay Przhevalsky died in Karakol during preparing for his expedition to Tibet and the town was named Przhevalsk in his honor. It got its original name Karakol back after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Karakol is the best starting point if you plan trekking, hiking, mountaineering or an expedition. In winter town is full of skiers.

Karakol has several sites: Holy Trinity Cathedral (Russian Orthodox), Dungan Mosque built in 1910 by the local Dungan community (Muslims who escaped Chinese oppression in 19th century), Przevalsky Museum and Memorial which tells a story of great Russian explorer and is his burial site as well,  Regional Museum,  Zoo and the real attraction can be  the animal market which takes place every Sunday early morning.  


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