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Osh, Kyrgyzstan


Coming to Fergana Valley you will be nicely surprised to find yourself in one of the oldest cities in Central Asia often referred as “the capital of the south”. Osh is the second largest city in Kyrgyzstan with the history of at least 3000 years. The city was mentioned in the time of Alexander the Great and was flourishing during the Great Silk Road. It joined Kokhand Khahanate in 18th century and became one of the six trading centers. Later in 19th century joined Russia and eventually became part of the Soviet Union.

Nowadays the city is sort of mixture of European architecture and Asian feel and ambience. Located in the center of Fergana Valley and near to the international borders Osh is the home city for many different ethnic groups: Kyrgyzs, Uzbeks, Russians, Tadjiks and other smaller groups.

The city is famous for its fascinating outdoor market which stretches for about a kilometer along the river. Walking through this bazaar you feel yourself visiting a real market of the Great Silk Road. The city has the only World Heritage Site in Kyrgyzstan which is the Suleiman Mountain located in the heart of the city and offering a breathtaking view of Osh and surroundings. The little mosque was built by famous Babur (founder of the Baburid Empire)  in the 15th с. on the top of the mountain.  Among the other monuments there are: the largest mosque in the country near the market, Russian Orthodox Church, the 16th-century Rabat Abdul Khan Mosque, Main Square with one of few Lenin statues and  monument to Kurmanjan Datka – known as the queen of the south.

There are daily flights to Osh from Bishkek and it is also connected with the north by the picturesque road.   

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