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Naryn, Kyrgyzstan



If you are longing for quite days in a magical place far from everyday stress and routine you should definitely come to Son-Kul lake – the second biggest lake of Kyrgyzstan at the altitude of 3016m. (29 km long, 18 km wide and extreme depth of 13.2 m)

Located above tree line the area is teem with herbs and highland vegetation as well as certain species of wild animals, fish and rare birds.

Because of rough climate and difficult accessibility the area is temporarily populated (by shepherds and their families) only during summer period which is not very long here (June through mid-September). Here you will experience the real life of shepherds staying in the yurt and can enjoy the breathtaking moments watching billions of stars shining right above you. And of course other activities can be done here like horseback riding, hiking or bicycling.  Four extremely picturesque roads lead up to the lake but because of tough conditions 4X4 vehicles are strongly recommended.

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