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Tash Rabat

Naryn, Kyrgyzstan

Tash Rabat was a very important place during the period when the Silk Road was used actively by Asian traders and merchants. Its a place known as a Caravanserai, a roadside inn where the merchants could stop and rest for a few days. On top of being the perfect place to rest for travelers, it was also a place where the various animals transporting the wagons along the silk road could be well fed and taken care of.

Tash Rabat is the unusual architecture of the place which leads many researchers to believe it was originally a Buddhist monastery before being used as a caravanserai.

There are no shared buses or Mashrutkas going to Tash Rabat. The best way to get there is to take a shared taxi from Naryn. You can do so by contacting the local CBT offices and arranging a taxi with them.

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