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Yeltsin Peak (oguz Bashi Peak)

Issyk-kul Region, Kyrgyzstan

Yeltsin Peak (also known as Oguz Bashi Peak) is located in Kyrgyzstan and is one of the highest mountain peaks in Central Asia. Its height is 7439 meters above sea level.

Yeltsin Peak was named after the first President of Russia, Boris Yeltsin, in deference to his role in maintaining friendly relations between Russia and Kyrgyzstan.

Climbing Yeltsin Peak is considered one of the most difficult and dangerous climbing routes in the world. Its summit is covered with ice and snow, and the route includes numerous dangerous sections and deep cracks.

However, despite the dangers, many climbers still make attempts to climb this peak. The successful ascent of Yeltsin Peak is considered one of the most prestigious achievements in the world of mountaineering.

In addition to climbers, Yeltsin Peak also attracts many tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of the mountainous nature of Kyrgyzstan. Near the summit are beautiful lakes, canyons and mountain meadows, which are also popular places to visit. This stunning place is known for its beautiful waterfalls, gorges and breathtaking panoramic views that will not leave you indifferent.

Route to Oguz Bashy Peak begins at the famous Jeti Oguz Gorge. The Jeti Oguz gorge is known for its beautiful red-brown-golden rocks that create amazing landscapes. Here you can enjoy the views of the top of Yeltsin Peak, which rises above the gorge.

All in all, a day tour to Yeltsin Peak Panorama from Karakol city is the perfect way to spend a day surrounded by natural beauty and breathtaking views.

Sary Zhaz Valley, Enilchek Ghost Town

The Sary Zhaz Valley located in Kyrgyzstan, is one of the most beautiful and unique places in Central Asia. It is a unique place that attracts tourists from all over the world. It is rich in historical and natural attractions, as well as offers a variety of opportunities for outdoor activities at any time of the year. For lovers of skiing, there are many ski slopes and trails, as well as the opportunity to take ski training courses

A special border zone pass is required to visit this area. Despite the fact that the Sary Zhaz Valley is located in a remote part of Kyrgyzstan, tourists can easily reach this place due to the well-developed infrastructure and affordable means of transport. To get to the Sary Zhaz Valley, you can use the services of local transport companies or order a taxi. Many tourists prefer to rent a car to enjoy the beauty of the scenery and move freely through the valley.

The climate in the Sary Zhaz Valley is cold and dry. In winter, the temperature can drop to -30 degrees Celsius, and in summer - up to +10 degrees. In winter, snowfalls in the valley are abundant, which makes this place attractive for winter holidays and ski holidays.

One of the interesting sights of the Sary Zhaz Valley is the abandoned town of Enilchek, which is often called the "ghost town". This town was founded in 1930, when gold mining began in this area. However, when the gold reserves ran out, people left the town and it has been abandoned ever since. Today, tourists can visit Enilchek and see the remains of abandoned buildings and streets.

In addition to the abandoned town of Enilchek, there are many more interesting places in the Sary Zhaz Valley that are worth visiting. Here you can see many unique plant and animal species, as well as get acquainted with the history and culture of this part of Kyrgyzstan. You can visit Ak-Chunkur cave with drawings of primitive people, “Kara Tash” mineral hot springs with a temperature of 60 ° C, historical monuments, mountain lakes and many other impressive objects.

The Sary-Jaz River is one of the largest mountain rivers in the region, fed by the melting waters of snow and glaciers of the highest Muzdag mountain range, flows through the country for 198 km and then goes to China. It has great potential for organizing extreme rafting. Due to the harsh natural and climatic conditions of the area and its violent nature, Sary-Jaziz is recommended only for very experienced athletes.

Sary Jaz Valley is definitely worth a visit for anyone who is interested in adventure and wants to visit one of the most beautiful corners of Central Asia.


Chunkurchak Gorge is located at an altitude of 2400 meters above sea level. From the Kyrgyz "chunkurchak" is translated as "depression". Chunkurchak is considered one of the most beautiful gorges in Kyrgyzstan. Here you can observe a colorful symbiosis of snowy mountain peaks, green alpine meadows, coniferous forests and reddish soil. At the entrance to Chunkurchak, stunning panoramas open up, which are the hallmark of the Chui Valley.

If you want to enjoy the coolness of the water, go to the Pigeon waterfall, about 35 meters high. The myriad of splashes hitting the rocks are mesmerizing.

There are four ski bases in the gorge, which in the summer function as koumiss clinics and rest houses. In winter, people go skiing, snowboarding and sledding.

The sharp rocks of the gorge attract climbers and climbers. Some rocks of the gorge are covered with snow and ice even in winter. Every year drytooling competitions are held here - climbing to the top with the help of ice climbing equipment.

Chunkurchak is also often visited by cyclists and Nordic walking enthusiasts.

The territory of Chunkurchak is part of the National Bioreserve. It was created to preserve rare species of tulips. For example, it is in this gorge that the royal tulip grows, the flower of which can reach 18 centimeters in length. The well-known variety of tulips "Zinaida" also grows here. In the spring in Chunkurchak you can see thousands of tulips that turn the green fields into the red sea.

Keep in mind that it is recommended to visit the Chunkurchak Gorge accompanied by a trained guide.

The ethno-complex "Supara Chunkurchak" is also located in the gorge. Here you can try national dishes and stay for a few days in a hotel or yurt. Above Chunkurchak passes into the Tatyr gorge. Also not far from Chunkurchak is the Bir-kulak gorge, which is known for thousands of raspberry bushes.

At the initiative of the President of Kyrgyzstan, on 31 August 2022, in Chunkurchak mountain was organized the celebration of Independence Day of Kyrgyztan at a high level. Visitors was enjoying various performances by local artists, taste local cuisine, and enjoy beautiful mountain views.

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