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Burana Tower Tour

Burana Tower Tour Packages
Country: Kyrgyzstan
City: Naryn
Duration: 1 Day(s) - 0 Night(s)
Tour Category: Heritage Tours
Departure Date: Thu 01 Jan '99

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Early morning transfer to Naryn from Bishkek (350 km, 5-6 hours of driving). Optional excursion to the Burana Tower (from the XI century). Lunch in cafe en-route. Optional folklore show in Kochkor village with a demonstration of the process of manufacturing Kyrgyz carpets. Arrive in Naryn in the evening.

Explore More About Burana Tower:

Burana, the name of the tower, comes from the Arabic word “monar”, which means minaret. A minaret is part of a mosque, a high tower which is used for the call for prayer.

70km from Bishkek, and 12km from the town of Tokmok, the Burana Tower is all that remains of the ancient city of Balasagun. Golden grains whiplash against an Autumn breeze, stretching out towards the horizon in every direction. Snow-capped peaks loom in the distance, hinting at mountainous terrain that covers 93% of this Central Asian nation.

Once part of the Karakhanid kaganate that existed between the 9th- 11th centuries, Balasagun was ransacked by the Mongols in 1218. By the 14th century, the city was destroyed and left in disrepair.

In the 1900s the Russians uncaringly began to tear apart the tower, using its bricks for building supplies. In the 1970s a restoration project commenced and helped restore the minaret.

Over the tops of trees, the Burana Tower stands tall, ancient, and impressive, still surviving as one of Kyrgyzstan’s most outstanding historical sites.

The Burana Tower was originally built to a height of 44m, but after falling victim to both war and the elements, today it is only 25m tall. Still, it is definitely worth checking out and is easily visited as a day trip from Bishkek.

This incredible minaret is in an absolutely stunning location, surrounded by the Tian Shan mountains and golden fields.

Besides the minaret, the entire grounds now act as an open-air museum, with hundreds of balbals and petroglyphs scattered around the area.

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